The Truth About My Pain

Look within her eyes, don't you see it
The dreams, the aspirations fading
A black hole engulfing all her light,No shine in them
The brightness dimming
Just darkness deep like a black hole
Penetrating pain at every blink
Is it reality or just a fantasy?

Walk above the locked doors, can't you hear it
A muffled cry of pain ,So quiet it's unheard of
Ripping her shreds of life
In the form of a delicate tear
A cry of sadness ,of emptiness
Dripping away the last part of hope
Is it reality or just a fantasy?

Breathe the air she takes in
A breath of agony, of suffering
The rhythm of her heart struggling as it beats once more
Pumping blood of grief, of heartache
Poisoning the body with torment
No cure, no relief
Is it reality or just a fantasy?

Now see the laughter
Look within her eyes
Hear the heartbeat
And tell me,tell me the truth
Is she happy
Is this reality or just a fantasy...

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