The Truth Be Told

Darkness falls across the land, Satan here, he takes a stand,
Spreading sin through the nation, reaping havoc on God's creation.
Tearing down all family ties, teaching children all his lies.
He is here to wreck and destroy, he wants every girl and boy.
He tries to scatter families apart, he has no God, no love, no heart.
He is evil, sneaky and sly, a deception of truth, a master to lies.
He gets in the slithering snake, malice and chaos a mess he will make.
He will tear through and ruin your whole life,
Cause division between you and your wife.
He won't stop there he will go even farther,
He will make war between you and your brother.
He will move on attack your father, turn him against your own mother.
Your family, friends falling apart nothing left but a broken heart,
Leaving disaster where he's been, only to start over again.
There is only one answer, only one way,
Only one God that can stand in his way.
Call on Jesus, do it today, down on your knees, continue to pray.
Cast out the devil, all his sin, God will take over, new life begins.
He will put the pieces all back together,
Place love in your hearts one towards another.
He will give back all that was lost,
With blessing and grace at no extra cost.
You see the price was already paid, marked by the tomb where He laid.
At the cross where He bore our sins, there He died, then rose again.
Now He sits at the right hand of God, forever rules with an iron rod,
He will cast down death, and sin, then it will never exist again.

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