The Truth Game

There’s a game I like to play
to get to know new friends
think extreme 20 questions
with a trust fall - off a cliff
sharing our darkest secrets
hoping that we’ll all keep them
just between us

before diving into The World of Us,
we must pick our pawns
her, a sunflower
as cheesy as it sounds
always facing the sun
to bask in the newly found rays
after years of being deprived of positive energy
him, a midnight drive
where the silence is comfortable
and only broken by my humming
to the quiet music from his radio
or the looks of understanding we share at red lights
that hold more meaning than any words can express
me, a sad song
soft and beautiful
with words that hurt
and allow you a good cry
in the times you need it the most

the game begins with a simple question
about favorite colors or animals
or who our first kiss was
that one was easy
it was with a boy who hides behind a camera
and has dreams bigger than
California can fathom
“what’s your zodiac sign?”
that was the sunflower
with her head in the clouds
to be as close to the stars as possible
similar to the mind of a Lovegood-
in case you’re wondering
sad songs are Pisces
sunflowers are Cancers
and midnight drives are Scorpios

“are you okay?”
my midnight drive asks this one a lot
during our game of
Ask and You Shall Receive the Truth
but I never answered this one truthfully
not, entirely anyway
“I could be better and I could be worse”
is a sugar-coated way of saying
“I don’t know how I feel”

I was always jealous with how easy the answer would slip off of sunflower’s leaves
like raindrops too heavy for her petals to hold up
or the way midnight drives would turn down the radio
and let the silence heal his wounds

a sad song is always played
during my rainy days
like an umbrella made of lace
giving the illusion of protection
while allowing the rain to soak my bones

so when my midnight drive turns down the sad song
and breaks the silence with the question
I’ll hold sunflowers as she answers
and enjoy the company
that turns my “could be better’s”
into “could be worse’s”

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