The Truth Hurts

They say not to judge a book by its cover
But yall do that anyway
Judging us from our heads to our toes to our mouths to our nose before words even come out
Treating us like y’all fantasies when y’all fail to see the reality of it all
How we are made is what God gave
So if you can’t stand Eve just get up and leave the garden of Eden because that where God made her
It has been brought to my attention how high of an expectation y’all have for the common woman
Expecting us to fall into y’all arms and beg for forgiveness when we know y’all are wrong
Some of you have us laying awake a night waiting for that good night text when we know it ain’t coming
Truth is, y’all should know better
We are not dolls you kids can just toy with
Better yet, we are the manufacturers and owners
We are the caretakers and way makers
Y’all swear y’all are the men of the house
But last time I checked it was a woman who carried you for nine months and made the house a home
Some of y’all belittle our abilities to keep us under y’all control
Thinking we should be at home watching the kids when we should be outside taking on the world
Thinking we should be in the kitchen cooking that meal when we should be in that office closing that deal
Thinking that we are weak just because we don’t fight back
Thing is, that’s a form of respect
But it seems like it has two meanings
Some of y’all treat us like machines
Trying to program and dictate our every movement
Thinking we need improvement when we are just human
And it’s not amusing, that’s why y’all got me fuming, on this topic
Y’all try to change our thought process from something to nothing
See ladies, not all of them are worth trusting
It’s like they taking away our freedom and putting us back into slavery
I don’t mean slavery by the physical, but enslaving is mentally

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