The Truth in My Observations

With the intellect of a genius and the heart of a warrior
And an outlook on life that says,"What is it for anymore?"
They dissected my psyche 'n' found a psychosis of insanity
But I'm just so far ahead of the curve
I've lapped the rest of humanity
Soldiers are warped to think how I think
Agents are trained to move how I move
These skills I possess ensure my survival when used
My actions and thoughts weren't taught
I was born this way
These are my instincts
That's why I'm here today
When I take a step back to look at the rest of humanity
All that my eyes can see is the hopelessness and insanity
Wars worldwide, caused by ignorance and intolerance
When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die
We'll get charged for perjury but the government lies
To wage"holy war" while committing mass genocide
We ate the fruit of knowledge so we could think for ourselves
Yet we blindly follow one another so we all burn in hell
These are conclusions constructed from my contemplations
Formed from my observations
Now it's my obligation to state what I've found
So I express my emotion through articulation and sound

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