The Truth of Fame

Let's be honest for a minute -- you heart?
That precious beating body that I'd gladly trade my own for?
It doesn't belong to me, nor will it in the near future.

You know perfectly well why -- it's already gone,
contracted away to fame, fortune, and fans.
Every day, I watch you slowly drift away from yourself,
replaced instead by the fantasy of who you'd like to be.
But there is so little you know.

Little do you know,
if you don't cut your losses soon and get your heart back, my star,
you will lose everything you forgot you valued:
sanity, individuality, and happiness, along with an endless list
of qualities already out of mind.

Once these are lost, along with the inhibitions attached to them,
you will become a true Star: unreachably high and undeniably alone,
lost among the masses of faceless crowds and bright flashes,
too far gone to enjoy humanity in its simplicity.

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