Just a life and a breath
Which can vanish within a blink
Into the unknown and death
Oh, i know not, if i existed before,
If i will after; or by what existence even means
Yet i know the absurdity of the claim that life contains more

That it just seems; by what little i've seen
Of it, never was it enough; for the reality
Is the bitterness of the places i have never been
Or not being the person i always idolized
It is the guilt of not experiencing the lightness
Of youth
And the oceans never sailed, like in the books read; It is to have not realized

The truth; It is the regret of never
Learning beauty of language that isn't yours
Or the pain of not finding love that'd have stayed forever
It is the haunting of past and pain
Oh, but i glory in learning the actuality of life,
And that it is the sorrow of not being sane---

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