The truth of our world

Peace is the independence ,
Peace is the love,
Peace is the element lacking in our world.
It’s humanity that we have lost,
It’s cruelty that we need not
We just need unity in our world
Instead of forming a community of our own.
People who are white, are just white
People who are black, are just black
Our world is filled with diversity
As donkeys come in one colour, but horses in many.
What happens if she is a girl?
What happens if he is a boy?
Don’t judge them like aliens
We all are Homo sapiens
Forget equality, concentrate on poverty
Because we the younger generation,
Has to stop the hunger sufferation.
Many brave soldiers, die in wars
Just because of our separation
They pay for our faults.
Only when the last tree has dried
And the last river being Poisened,
Will we ever realise, that peace and
humanity cannot be bought?

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