The Twin Towers

The Twin Towers, pillars of power
when first created took many hours,
sleepless nights above all the lights,
lead our people fight throughout the forbidding night.
Numerous celebrations, in honor of it's immense foundations
struck many with the joy of our nation.

Jobs were created and homes renovated,
which seemed to be the beginning of something fated.
People of all races were taken from families in cases,
no longer to see their faces and could in no way be in our spaces.
Little did we know, that they would have to go
all sudden yeah I know, our tears would overflow.

These terrorists attacked, like animals in packs,
no way we could relax, had enemies on our backs.
These memories you see, are here to always be,
why did you have to leave, how will I stop to grieve.
A day that was quite bad and did not make us laugh
is history at last or has it all not passed.

I hope that you don't go, I'll miss you surely so,
I need your company, before I stop to breathe.
The Twin Towers, lights of eternity

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