The Twisted Tales of Pocahontas

The morning I met a man so divine, the sky was pink and kind
I showed him the rivers, the trees and the corn
He gave me peace of mind.
I tried to stay discreet, but he would not be warned
Together we climbed to the tallest branch of the tallest tree,
and with him I felt the most free

My freedom though, did not last long,
As I heard Nakoma below, singing our song.
We tried to hide, with much defeat
She saw us hanging above the wheat.

And as we stand before the tribe,
my father's face carries much dismay
he does not approve of the love we display.
I plea and I plea for my father to see,
this man has come from far beyond the sea,
and with him he has brought dreams of being wedded.
Before I could beg just one last time,
the love of my life has been beheaded.

As I live in sorrow for the love I lost,
I pray my father will pay the cost.
To the new world, I will go
I suppose now is the time, to let go my bow.

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