The Two Perspectives

I never think of myself as someone extraordinary

Others know how to create their own art,
But I only know how to hold a brush and pencil in my hand.
Others can sing in a way that can touch the hearts of many,
But I only know how to hum a tune.
Others can dance their hearts out and be one with music,
But I can only tap my fingers to the beat of the song.

But then, she’ll ask me:
“Are those the only definition of extraordinary?
And in the first place, what’s wrong with being ordinary?”

She’ll tell me,
“Simply by being able to be the reason
For someone else’s smile,
Or making others feel loved and appreciated,
Simply by being kinder and more understanding
or being able to wipe away one’s tears,
In order to try once again,
Simply by being able to enjoy and live life to the fullest
With those you hold dear,
That’s already exceptional”

So stop wishing to become extraordinary,
When you already are.

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