The Two Plants

Two plants grown on a farm,
Competing for almost everything.
But none of them meant any harm,
To the farmer or anything.

As they were light,
They required more nutrition
But they wanted to fight,
To overcome competition.

One was a climber,
And it was jasmine.
Another was a creeper,
And it was pumpkin.

The jasmine went up and up and up,
Holding on to a pipe,
The pumpkin crept and crept and crept,
People did not like its type.
Merry girls and pretty woman,
Enjoyed the flowers of the jasmine.
The farmer was driven happy ,
After he saw them enjoying.

But the ugly pumpkin’s flower,
Does not smell nor it help a lover.
The farmer saw no good in it,
Neither did he exterminate.

People from another village,
To the lovely carriage,
In a royal marriage.
Everyone admired the jasmine,
Even though it gave them nothing,
But a pleasant flowering.

It took him to greater heights,
And led him to involve in fights.
Like a light in the darkest nights,
Flared a bloom of the jasmine’s might.

But there came a day,
For the jasmine to pay.
Due to an abnormal weather,
All the petals of the jasmine were withered.

All his respect, all were lost,
Everything ended at a reasonable cost.
The farmer was about to mourn,
But stopped after he saw that pumpkin grown.

He took it home and made a food,
Which made his father feel good.
He was said that he can’t be cured,
But it was the pumpkin who could.

The farmer felt for his mistake,
About the wrong opinion about the pumpkin in stake,
So he planted pumpkin near the lake,
And gave to people who wish to take.

Friends are like pumpkins,
Who are significant chapter,
Who comes in a disaster.
Lovers are like jasmine,
Makes you feel good, but wither,
After a rough weather.

Never trust a lover,
Who blinds you forever.
Never give up on a friend,
Cause he/she will be with you , till the end.

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