The Two Young Men

In a world of laughter and stage,
Two hearts met, an unlikely engage.
One wild, a comedic star shining bright,
The other, shy, hidden from sight.

Amidst the spotlight's gleaming hue,
The quiet one found love anew.
Beneath the jokes and the laughter's toll,
A heart of gold, a gentle soul.

But addiction's grip tightened, a relentless hold,
The comedian's demons, dark and bold.
Though the shy one saw through, his love undeterred,
He stayed by his side, every whispered word.

Piece by piece, the wild one tore,
The shy one's walls, forevermore.
Promises made to stand side by side,
To brave the storm, to never hide.

Alone in the silence, the shy one stood,
Haunted by memories, misunderstood.
The laughter faded, replaced by tears,
As he faced the reality of his deepest fears.

The wild one left, the quiet one pained.
Burnt and hopeless, alone he cried,
His heart shattered, his dreams denied.

In the darkness, a glimmer of light,
A resilience born from the depths of night.
For love may falter, but it never dies,
In the quiet moments, hope still lies.

Through the wild one may have fled,
Leaving the shy one broken and bled,
In the ashes of heartbreak, a new dawn arose,
A testament to love's enduring prose.

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    This Poems Story

    This is a story about me being the shy one and my ex lover being the wild one.