The Ugly Duckling

Many years ago, a daughter of God came into this world
He had so many wonderful and amazing things destined for her
But, life as we know it, has its way of changing things around for all of us
This girl had a pleasant childhood, despite one thing

She never saw herself as being pretty or beautiful or that she measured up to everyone else
There was low self-esteem, worthlessness, wondered what her purpose was in this life, and was bullied relentlessly
That emptiness caused her to have few friends during her school years and wondered whether she would ever find "true love" in her life
And, no one really to talk to or to confide in when she really needed that in her life

She felt alone most of the time as she went about her day
An introverted girl she was, there was no disputing that
Never shared her feelings, thoughts, emotions, vulnerabilities with anyone as she didn't want to show her true self to others
Most people would have described her as a loner

All of these years later, this woman still doubts her own beauty, whether she is pretty or seen as pretty or beautiful by others
Has bouts of low self-esteem and unworthiness and purpose in this life
I do know one thing that I must love myself before I can others
And, finally, and last but not least; God loves me unconditionally

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