The Ugly, To The Wicked, The Possessed Girl

Her mouth is a mini mobile restroom
Whenever she speaks, idiotism defecates
Come close to her and become the appendage
Of refugee camp of daftness
The slums in the ghetto of her teeth are ancient
The street of her Philtrum, the tunnels of her Nose,
The boulevards of her Lips, and the caves of her Ears
Grotesquely settled in the city of her Visage
She breathes the folly that sparks off the civil war
In the whole country of her Body
She holds the scriptures close to her chest
But a whole war is in her heart
She doesn't wear the moral deodorant
And wickedness oozed out of her charismatic garb
The courtesy grace eludes her
Her brain model is Adolph Hitler's nazism 1914
She is the microcosm of the Armageddon
Invaded by excorcist cops in her principality
She transpired a terrifying guttural to chase to them
Out of her! How did she come into the world
Through the pleasure door or by the window of cloning?
Hyperbolised ? Mea Culpa!

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