The ugly truth

You going away drove me to drinking
All I do now is throwback shot after shot got my head buzzing.
It’s past midnight and your on my mind,
I hop in my car and chase them blurred lines.
I know this was your favorite place,
I walk through the doors and my heart starts to race.
I can’t see in this smoke filled room,
I’m just praying to catch a glimpse of you.
I go to the bar and get my prescription,
The whiskey is the only thing that’s been healing what’s missing.
It’s been days, weeks since I seen you last.
I just can’t seem to forget the past.
So I down the rest like it ain’t nothing new.
I just use the whiskey to hide the ugly truth.
You left me and told me you didn’t care no more,
You broke my heart and threw that shit out the door.
My sadness turns into madness,
My heart ache was your biggest mistake.
The stories that our friends were saying became a reality.
I was blind because I didn’t wanna truly see.
That you were full of lies and straight up deceitful,
The shit I let you put me through is honestly pitiful.
You’re like that cigarette I press against my lips,
I know that shit will kill me but I just can’t seem to quit.
You’re the addiction that I can’t get ahold of,
My heart is completely broken and just wants your love.
No matter how much you’ve hurt me and made me cry,
I still wanna be the one by your side.
I wanna be the one that you want for the rest of your life,
I wanna be that heart and names in a tree engraved with your knife.
I trusted you and let you in,
Just for you to show me I should never do that again.
I cared for you more than you’ll ever realize,
But in the end all I got was pain and lies.

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