The Ugly Truth

It can start with a child, small and innocent
who is changed by the life, and trauma they grew up in.
It can start with a soldier, shipped away to defend our freedom,
they come back with nightmares worse than a gun that can defeat them.

No matter a veteran, no matter a youth,
these things are what we call the ugly truth.

A girl with bulimia, who sees lies in the mirror,
a boy with schizophrenia, who's reality is unclear.
It's not beautiful, don't romanticize it,
this is real life, with real people who are living it.

Everyday they wake up, with a head full of fears,
some days you may not want to get out of bed,
think about the people who have felt that way for years.

Depression, bipolar, we see this everyday,
we need to find it in our hearts, to help these people find a way.

Because cutting isn't pretty, starvation isn't fun,
being so low you want to take your own life,
isn't something people should have to overcome.

And the sad but honest truth, is that mental illness is everywhere,
and its up to us, to show people that we care.

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