Staring blankly at the panorama of unprecedented levels of carnage & devastation,
Time is profoundly paralysed to the historic core of its metaphysical foundation.
Satisfying pride and arrogance has been the powerful empires' ultimate motive.
Hence, they heinously enjoy committing crimes that are absolutely abusive!
The spark that ignited the hellish war of attrition,
Incinerated all sorts of hope, humanity and habitation.
To protect their nations, brave hearts fought gallantly on the front lines,
While large waves of sorrow from their loved ones submerged the shrines.
Loss of life was of cataclysmic scale before any mighty state could claim victory.
Blood-stained weapons were used to engrave these traumatizing battles on the pages of history.
Internationally grueling conflicts, harnessing supreme strength, proved to be environment damaging poison.
Massive social upheavals were insinuated as discipline disrupting reason.
As hatred slowly settled into a smouldering resentment in all human beings,
Agony & despair escalated leading to calamitous surroundings.
Ceaselessly savage warfare contributed to fall of mankind and political ruination.
Seething instability exploded the mounting discontent among the bulk of poverty-stricken population.
The demon called 'Chaos' is a disastrous black hole;
Endlessly consuming our planet's very soul.
Alas! Since thirst for money and power will always persist,
Violence and destruction due to World Wars are sure to exist.
Will this Earth ever be free from the stormy clouds of global clashes?
Or will these lands only be drenched in tsunamis of blood and ashes?

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