The Unattainable Sky

Is it possible to be forgiven,
To have my errors pardoned by you,
You who set the standards for all,
Yourself and whomever you choose
I have to live up to an unrealistic expectation,
An expectation to be perfect despite my imperfect state,
And no matter how hard I try I continue to fail

I continue to fall short of your hopes,
And I anticipate that I will always do so,
Always disappoint you and make you feel,
Make you feel as though you had never known,
Never known me before and never made my acquaintance
Though we are far past the stage of being acquainted,
We are flesh and blood and completely intertwined

Webbed into a sphere of familial ties,
I fight harder for your approval,
Fight for it harder than I fight for anything that I want,
And I'm tired of this battle of fist to fist,
This battle of constant defeat and frustration,
This feeling of incompetence and pain
What am I to do when the sun has passed and left me with rain?

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