The unbearable pain that is nicknamed depression

There's this unbearable amount of pain that has made a home in your chest
It has built its walls and locked the doors because it's here to stay
It is constantly expanding through you
and you are sure it won't stop until it has consumed you completely

It sometimes turns off the lights
and takes a nap long enough for you to catch your breath
long enough for you to remind yourself that this is not the worst it can be
Although it is the worst it has been

It jumps out of bed, just in time
Your on your way to a “get together” with your friends
You feel the need to cancel
but you don't want to hear about how lame you are for the next two days
So you go
Now you're pretending

Pretending that there isn't this thing manifesting inside of you
While you are with your friends you are giving it the time it needs
to plan how to take over the next three inches of you
Because it know as soon as you walk into the door to your ‘home’
you will crumble and there will be no one to pick you up

Which has given it the power to take that next three inches
It knows that after you have crumbled for the millionth time
you will return to your bed

In your bed you will do many things
Sob uncontrollably for hours
Scroll through social media
and maybe answer your friends
who have no idea how taken over you have become
pretending that you are okay and maybe make plans for next time
The last that you will do is Consider Taking more than you should
because at this point you see no reason in continuing

You have been completely taken over and there is no escape
its walls are too strong
you can't find a way to pick the locks
and it sees no need for sleep anymore
You will send out your goodbyes but no one will think anything of it
because in all reality people have become blind to what has been happening

You have become a home for this pain
that has a name but to you is still unidentified
It's the unbearable pain that has been nicknamed depression

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