The Undecided Soul

The Undecided Soul

My promises are only words tied with ribbons of deceit,
As I would never surrender my freedom in will,
To a prospect, I may be bound to for all eternity,

Maybe it’s wrong but it’s all I can do
As the mind and the brain seek no restraint

The brain a skilled beast
With secrets held tight in its entity
While my mind speaks personally
Refusing to upset those it may see

They stand alone on a heart, that used to be one,
Tell me, and teach me, remind me, and reach me,
With the reason, I may seek in times so bleak.

Each one kills me in every heartbeat,
I relinquish myself to my unfulfilled state of destiny.
As together they finally agree,
To command a plea that overcomes my own identity.

Settle now for all is calm, in death they all rest,
Finally relieved from all the unforgiven stress.

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