The undefeated Sir Alexander


‘Yond the horizon young Sir Alexander cometh out of the west,
Another day, another quest
His mighty sword tinted with foes blood.
Clipeth clop, clipeth clop wenteth his rushing horse’s hooves
over the hills, from mountain to mountain.
A burning foreboding sensation filled his chest.
Off he went back to the Kingdom of Niaman
Trees which were once lush and wild were now achromic
Streams which were once blue and bright were now lustreless
The sound of birds which once let out a melodious chorus were now discordant
The castle of Niaman was mourning.
“What hath happened?” demanded Sir Alexander.
Silence coursing through his veins, liketh poison.

Tears burst forth from Queen Lysitheas’ visage like water from a dam
The distressed King Godfrey wast at a loss for words,
“The Lady Ingrid hast been abduct'd and taken far hence”,
stammered the Chamberlain.
echoing now were the words said by the Chamberlain,
Sir Alexander wast filled with rage and fury.
The love that had nestled in his soul for her made him a better man.
“Fret not as I shall returneth her back home
and stand ho the corrupt Thornton from wrecking thy life”, promised Sir Alexander.
With nay timeth to waste he sharpened his blade and left for his next quest.


Connected to the earth by hoof, the stallion carried off Sir Alexander.
Through fiery eyes, he gazed upon the sun that falleth behind the horizon,
as the orange-gold sky stretched far and wide.
Off he went to the land of the forbidden,
the land where exiled creatures pay for their sins.
A labyrinth of darkness,
where’st voices lurking around the corner murmur
for they knoweth their names and those gents knoweth yours.
Skulls of the innocent did lie 'round
their faces carved in such a way giving off an essence of despair,
tormenting pain is felt bursting from within.

Sir Alexander is undaunted by the creatures of the night.
For he is Alexander the mighty knight.
From the shadows, a tall figure appeared
followed by another and another
“Bewray yourself”, commanded Sir Alexander, tugging on his keen blade.
The unknown shadows cameth closer and closer
lights flickering as the unknown cameth closer
Alas! his eyes came to behold a group of trolls.
Slate gray powdery skin, legs liketh tree trunks
“What endues thee here?”, grunted one of the trolls
A question hath asked in innocence, or that gent bethought so
With a rash mind, Sir Alexander says “mine own lady, hast been taken by one of thy evils, Sir Thornton”
Worried thoughts looped round the trolls minds,
they needed to report backeth to Thornton, their master.
Straight hence wenteth the trolls,
feet pounding as they bolted down the crooked concrete floor.
“You fool”, said Sir Alexander to himself
for thy naivety has been met by treachery.


“I failed myself, and thee too Ingrid”, said Sir Alexander to himself.
A humour of disappointment did creep in liketh a snake seizing his breath,
the damsel now holding on to survival by a strand.
Timeth is of the essence,
the horse’s gait increasing as it doth feel the knights adrenaline rushing within.
A senseth of darkness coming from the distance,
t wast then Sir Alexander stoodeth in front of the grim castle,
he knew he was ready for battle.
With nay effort that gent broke the cankered latch,
the silenced cries and pleas of hath lost souls projected from the exsufflicate castle.
A silent screameth of mercy, graceful yet dreadful wast let out,
he followed his map of intuition.
On spiral stairs with steps so firm he ran and ran,
the screams kept growing and growing, louder and louder with every instant.
Kicking open the heavy iron-bound door,
the first sight he sees is a sight no knight seeks.
The corrupt Sir Thorton holding the fair beauty, hand tight around her neck,
her drops of sorrow drieth from despair.

The evil Thornton forcibly opening her mouth,
a bottle of poison now tilted on Lady Ingrid's perfectly sculpted tongue.
Plop wenteth the droppeth of poison that hath fallen through,
with quick action Alexander draws up his steel blade and splits the poison in two,
sword now laced with the venom he strikes Sir Thornton.
Shing! Went Sir Thorton’s sword drawing it from his belt,
his bulky sword freshly smelt.
He lunges his sword and misses Alexander by an inch,
the mighty knight did not even flinch.
“Only one of us shall maketh out alive and t won’t beest thee”, taunted Sir Thornton.
Sssk! Wenteth Sir Alexanders venomous blade as it pierces Sir Thorntons chest frame
blood now oozing from his mouth,
he drops to his knees
teeth clenched
body bent.
His corse twirled and jerked as Sir Alexander threw him out the window.


The smelleth of death reeked in the room,
blood which had once flowed in Sir Thornton was now covered on the cobblestone floor.
Sir Alexander rushed to Lady Ingrid's aid,
helpless and fragile there she laid.
He swung her in his stout arms as if she wast nothing more than a light feather.
Her eyes gazing at him passionately,
the love she felt for him just came naturally.
Thump, thump went his heart overwhelmed with joy,
passing by the land of the exiled, the creatures do not dare to annoy.
Gazing at her flushed cheeks that gent recalled the trolls
now vowing to himself to never maketh an impulsive decision,
as he couldst hast gotten the lady in serious condition.
Together they did ride into the sunrise,
backeth to the kingdom of Niaman.


With their return, cheers art hath heard from the people of Niaman,
The kingdom wast now back to normal after the misfortune.
The sky was clearer, the trees greener.
The people celebrated on into the night
it was quite a sight.
Tabletops layered with trays of flavorsome food the royals feasted,
Sir Alexander still remained undefeated
both Ingrid and Alexander felt love like fire,
they shared a kiss as that was their desire.

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