The undreamt dreams

From the moment my person was birthed,
The very second my destiny earthed,
Cock sure I was that in me lay an enigma,
A human with a mind so twisted it could be a sigma,
'Snap into reality,'said mama.
'Start smelling the coffee',said papa.
They always said I lived a fantasy,
Always stuck it to me that I was different,
I tried to highlight the plight,that I,
I merely saw the flip side of the coin,
Behind every apparent failure,
I saw the conjuring of a success,of a different path,
Time flew,as it often does,
And grew I did,
Their words lost feeling,lost their sympathy,
All I heard was,
'Shut up','focus on your education',and,,
'Snap out of it',
The tug of war in my sultry soul grew,
'Till to unfathomable levels it grew,
Withdrew I did into the shell,
So far deep I guess it was a well,
Trying to fit myself,a circle,into the squared society,
Pushing against the grain,
Like singing without a refrain,
There I sat mopingly,mine many dreams undreamt.

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