The Unexpected Love

By Rupa   

I Was In Darkness
Suffering With Pain
When You Came Into My Life
With A Ray Of Which Is Meant To Shine

I Couldn't Believe My Eyes
And What I Was Feeling
So I Kept On Asking Myself
'Are You Sure You Are Not Dreaming? '

I Was So Happy
To See Things Turn Around
But There Raised A Situation
Where I Had To Stand My Ground

You Might Feel It Was Intentional
But Believe Me It Was Purely Circumstantial

I Wish You Were Here To See What You Are To Me
But Then Again I Can't Just Make You See
I Wish You Realize How Much You Are To Me
But Then Again I Can't Just Make You Notice

All These Might Be Just A Couple Of Words To You
But It Is My Heart Which Is Pouring Out Here
All This Might Be Just A Drama To You
But This Is My Life That Is On The Line Here

I Really Don't Know How To Make You Understand
When You Are Strongly Fixed That I Will Never Understand
But Still I'm Glad I've Fallen For You
Because You Are The Best Thing That Happened To Me

Nevertheless I Just Want To Let You Know By Saying This
That You Are The Unexpected Love Which Swept Me Off My Feet! ! ! ! !

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This Poems Story

This poem explains about what is going through me when I fell for him.