The Unexplained Ghost

Once it is here touched rest is no unbound sound stranded left handed in stars faded neglected mess rest yes guess what? The moron of thirst to this earth at birth first trashed in a land unforgiving souls taking hold inside.
What does south sinning become larger in size? The beginning me the burden undergo a continuous change whereby fallen.

This is the lynching of itself to help out an amount of money legally payable in damages. This to be free of my drench in quantity of energy proportional to now listening spirits; are having a meaning that is mysterious or be distant.
The machinery parts of something rhyme written in sentences of fire.
I burn up paper with lines that seems to never be the end of lines.

The liars the Christians tell me to follow blindly in an unproven faith to their deity. This to be at my own hands to each its own stand to desire in part god almighty, without regard to philosophical thought.
Being blown in the shadows to not known by some hung with no grace.
I've gone none misplaced in an upward spiral generated by a point not to turn to blind faith because it could always go away.

This is not to say it doesn't at least give comfort for someone without power as I have.
In to keep their sanity amongst hard times riveting the self.
It is to help in moments in the development of events beyond a person's control those who have none. In the efface sweat reaction to take the pain it and blood frozen.

I am holding an over flow water of notes to ponder broken went savage since the time of a birth. The lent deserved passion in oppositional defiant disorder I wrote these letters.

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The apparition of everything that is discussed against my ideology.