The Unforgiving

Passing through the winding passages and the bony surrounds,
neglected looks thrive on the faces of the undernourished.
The screaming silence lingers from plain to plain,
begging, praying in need of life, ending nears for the dejected kine.
Whispering voices of the fallen urge surrender under
the rigorous conditions of the battlefield,
persuasion ignored like the cries of the suffering
is ignored by those passing.

Food deprivation stares from the eyes of the desperate,
the glaring light blinding the innocents from hope and prosperity.
Starvation eradicates the ability to sleep, staying only awake
on the fear of despair and your own demise,
dry, overwhelming, uninhabitable farming country.
Unmoved shades of yellow follow everywhere,
barren branches from the dead gray gums offer no shelter.
Exposure from all angles, relief only coming from escaping
nature's torment through the ultimate sacrifice.

Distant rumbles lurk beyond sight unseen,
impaired vision initiates senseless curiosity among the remainder.
Minute tremors emanate from the parched earth,
blindness triggers the heightened senses to detect the
imminent occurrence of a miracle--
a speck of gold trickling from the heavens,
with the promise of a future.

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