The Unfortunate Man

She would have saved you in the depth her forest gaze,
until calmness stilled you.
Irises of jungle, gold, ocean, and smoke, enchanting you.
Bring a thousand smiles,
time leaving their evidence in the crooks of your eyes.
Sorrow not escaped, but solace have been found in her.
Slipped into your soul every morn, every dusk, chasing away darkness.
Every dream longing for her beating pulse on endless hours.
Whenever life shook you to core, rescued you back to her.
All grief shared in her flesh, as you emptied every sadness into her.
Bring dazzling faces into this world,
and moments so dear, they lie with you on your last breath.
Climb up from the depths of every abyss for you.
See through your dreams, defeat your troubles with a warrior cry,
and thoughtlessly give her life for you.
Every ragged breath worth inhaling.
Distance like burning blades, reunion like crashing waves.
Joy in your last days, leaving this earth with no regret.
You are an unfortunate man.
Always taking joy and never returning it.
Setting yourself atop this world, and she beneath it.
Carelessly causing her pain to forget your own.
You are an unfortunate man, and I a man greatly blessed.
You released her heart, and gave me my future.
I, your counterpart,
shall never be ungrateful for how unfortunate you are.

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