The Unironic Joy that one Experiences when Contemplating the Wildness and Beauty of the Universe, or; The Bottomless Terror and Inexplicable Disgust That Comes from Attempting to Comprehend What Living on this Earth Entails. (For They are the Same)

I will not mince words, instead I will bake them softly and endlessly into some kind of golden-brown delicate crust which ideally hides a filling which may or may not be blueberry, or perhaps cherry? Because, like Dr. Pepper, it will (I hope) be a taste that is entirely new, and yet somehow so very familiar and altogether delectable.

How is it that mostly melted strawberry lemonade ice pops and newly out-of-business reupholstery shops which host an astonishingly diverse array of organic life, are made out of that same substance from which all of creation was born? Is still being born, because atoms can’t be destroyed, but they can be rearranged, which is what I have been trying to do to the particles that make up me since I became aware that I was made of something.

Who has decided the various values that come along with certain arrangements of stardust, aren’t we all (meaning all of us that make up the known mass of the planet Earth) only patterns and shapes, and why are some more desirable? When the tiniest link holding hydrogen atoms to oxygen, the smallest discrepancy of invisible substances, cause the difference between poison and water, the herald and mother, and protector of all life? When ice on Mars is a sign of hope and breathing, thinking, growing things, and the hydrogen atoms in mustard gas are just another facet of a deadly weapon?

When, all the dirt has dried, and we are watching TV inside while machines make our food, (and by the way, TV is great, and so is labor saving technology, and yet something feels off to me when I engage in either one) and we wake up one day to find that humans are not as smart as the things we have created? (My grandmother is a cyborg, her hip is metal, and she still thinks that therapy is shameful.)
I am just so scared that we will wake up and find that the whole world of people around us are robots.

Or, more frighteningly still, that they are human.

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