I’ve travelled across these lands
Never hand in hand with you!
I’ve sailed the seven seas
Never happily
And you were never there!
Rolled along the roller coaster
Dipped and dived
And survived
But you were never there!
You sure weren’t man enough!
You just swaggered your stuff!
Flounced off in a huff
I’ve been to the moon
Oh the blue, blue moon
With so much room
Room enough for two
But you were never there
You wanted the earth
I just wanted, needed you without the mirth
Not the huge wide girth
But you were just never there
Why cannot you see!
You just are not happy
But you just won’t let me be
But you were never really, really here
I’ve been to the stars
Carried in the famous cars
Driven in those famous cars
You opened doors for me
Yet you really were not there!
The wind blowing in these sails
Yet you dragged your heels like a snail
I looked back and you were gone
Gone, gone, gone
You were not really here or there
I didn’t want to change anything about you!
Just needed you here
But you changed all the way through
Distant, so distant
Just like the millions
Of stars in the sky
Yet you never shone, shone so bright
A distant murky star
A shadowy figurine
Trying to figure which way to go best
Lest ……………..
I let you forget
Or never forget
That you were not here
In this Universe
© Teresa Helen Joseph-Nelson
5th November 2014
All Rights Reserved

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