Because we live in must
For lust
We are going to leave in dust

We act vaguely flabbergasted
Mostly unaffected
Making uneducated decisions
Because we are wealth dedicated

Subliminally hypnotised
That success and wealth are
closely combined
We chase despressing riches
instead of iternal happiness

Life as we know it has already
been planned by society
Yes we are born in sin
And we live in insanity

Humans speak love and peace
Yet their hearts are darkened by...
Darkened by the different reflection
of light their eyes recieve
When looking at another man's skin...
or race

This is not a motivation piece
Nor one of those life lesson giving peoms

This is the voice to the voiceless
The pair eyes even people
with well funtioning eyes need
The smooth sound that make people
with two left feet dance like the finals on Step Up

This is the truth everybody wants to hear
But nobody wants to listen
this is the UNJUST LIFE

By Kgaugelo Ramaramela

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