The Unknown

they whisper your name
in mere lettering
they say it all like
the Alpha
the Omega
the King, the Mighty One
it is yelled from alleys
to church yards
it is cried
or spoken with reverence
and knees are bent
onto soil soaked with blood
hands are lifted
thick with grime
the stains of trying to own
that which can not be bought
to use the power
of that which can not be used
and the tears fall
the rains fall
for you are not lettering
mere vowels mixed with constants
not a word to be spoken
by a speaker who seeks ownership
not a power
seeking to enslave the masses
they recite your stories
words empty, hollow
nothing learned
in this emptiness
for you are to be felt
the flame within
they speak of you
in words they own
they fight wars
to lay stake to your thrown
as if you, could ever topple
as if you would flow
in bloody tears
as if you would accept
hands used to forcefully control
the unknown
as if bloodied soil
and broken spirits
find the only way
to your kingdom
as though acidic rains
will ever water
a harvest that nourishes your people
for you spoke of a kingdom
that lies within
and they fight with-out
and their hollow-ness
can never hold true reverence
their lips tremble
but never feel the brush
of your kiss, Holy
you can not mock your Lord
this, your teaching
and they do not
they mock only themselves
a mockery
that which is empty
begging for the Holy
a forced feeding
they know no touch
but their own
skin, sliding upon, skin
their hands lifted
touching but anothers flesh
for you spoke it
these lessons still unlearned
you spoke it and said
you will only reap
that which you sow
as a dying Son
lay with a head covered in thorns
a back of bleeding wounds
head lifted to honor
forgive them Father, for they know not what they do
and still
they know not what they do


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