The Unknown

As I lay here,
I go through my list of fears.
I think about my past,
and how I ended up here so fast.
Before the present crept up on me,
I wonder about my future for who I will be.
Will I live a long life? Will I be a good wife?
Will I finally find the right way? Will everything turn out okay?
Will I end up being a mother? Will I find my significant other?
Will I find my dream career? Will I give up on something big by fear?
Will I know my fate, and catch it before it's too late?
So many questions left unknown,
I just wish I could be shown.

Either way my life takes me,
from here on out there's only one way I'm going to be.
Do what makes me happy and I feel is right,
because I'm the one who's fighting this fight.
Life can be rough,
but that's when you have to rise above and be tough.
Live everyday like it's your last,
and never dwell on the past.
Don't forget who you are,
and trust that you'll go far.
Go through live with a smile,
and know that everything you did was worthwhile.
So put in all you have to give,
because you only have one life to live.

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