The Unknown

She is very hard to understand; she's complex.
There is a side of her that the world has never witnessed.
There were battles she's contended that the world has never known.
She's lived through a realm of hurt that nobody ever knew subsisted.
There were calamities and catastrophes that nobody knew existed.
There was inner turmoil that was only communicated
Through the desolate eyes of a dejected girl,
Which was inevitably concealed by her deceptive smile.
There are self-image distresses that nobody has observed
Because of her transference of judgment onto others.
The one who appears the sturdiest, the one who breaks the easiest.
The abuses heaved at her, she can handle.
But in reality one insignificant blow to her self-esteem
Can bring her world to shambles.
She excels at everything
Because she never feels she is of enough worth.
She sees herself as an incompetent fool who
Is incapable of becoming something of importance.
She needs the reassurance of others
That she is accomplishing something of significance;
She is making herself valuable.
To others she is efficacious, she is faultless,
The one who has it all together.
The fact of the matter is, she will never be enough.

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