The Unknown

She tells him nothing in fear of rejection
She carries a wounded heart, that needs protection
She tries to lock her emotions away
But they nag at her every day
Screaming to be let out
Because they are real, without a doubt
And real things,
They should never cease to exist out in the open
They should be set free, and remain outspoken

She wants to say something, anything really
But she has so much fear
Because so many things are still unclear

How is she to know what will happen?
If she breaks the silence,
Would he break her heart? --
And bring tears to her eyes, and cause her to fall apart?
Or would he feel the same way
And with her, forever stay?

If she tells him how she feels, can she take a possible blow?
But, if she continues to lock herself up, will she ever know?...

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem when I was unsure if the guy I liked still felt the same way about me, but I dramatized the situation more in the poem.