The unknown

Who knew something so vast could feel so familiar.
The unknown.
It will happen whether or not we are prepared,
Sometimes a shove falling headfirst into a deep snow,
Sometimes a nudge brief but powerful
sometimes a choice made by the intuitive, the headstrong
Or the innocent.

A heavy sigh made by a force so great,
A force built up from all, through all.
Stran, grief, aggression,
bottled inside means unfamiler,
though all to present, all to constant.

A flicker of a thought breaking through
How is unknown, but its there, almost rejuvenating
Is it wisdom? Strife? Ignorance?Eagerness?
it’s there.
The flicker is awakening, reminding me my ground.
Allowing me to forget strife for a single moment,
to better comprehend.

A whisper strengthening me, its purpose great,
Though viewed passive to most.
Out of love? fear? or selfishness?
its reason useless, to its effectiveness,
Though still heavy, and provoking.

A shout restless, and unforgiving
breaking the little stamina present.
Pushing, pulling, undecided,
Yet hungry to control.
Bringing there what isn’t, what shouldn’t.

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