The unknown muse

Think of her eyes when you see the sun shine bright
Feel her breath as the breeze crosses lightly across your skin
Think of her smile when you see the flowers in the field
Hear her voice with every sound of nature
There is no beauty is this world quite like her
No matter the view
For the sun is jealous every time she basks in it’s light
The birds sing her name in a tune no one can understand
She is the one you see when you close your eyes
She is the one who haunts your dreams
She alone is a dream beyond dreams
She’ll never know her beauty
Always doubting her worth
But she stops your heart with just a thought
She moves you to feel with just a glance
Your life is forfeit
Your thoughts not your own
You cause your own torment
You cause your own pain
But you think of her eyes when the sun shines bright
So you’ll gladly stand in the sun
Knowing she’ll haunt your dreams when comes the night........

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