The Unknown

What do we do when the one we love is leaving?
Do we stand back and let them go without a fight?
What do I do when he may not know how I feel?
If I tell him will he want to spend the night?
How do I even begin to tell him?
I'm so nervous, I'm shaking just from the flight.
He's leaving on a jet plane.
And I don't know when he'll be back again, if ever.
All I've got is a few short weeks left to tell him how I feel,
but I can't scare him off.
How do you tell someone you've pretty much loved for 6 years
everything you want to say, but you can't?
And then an idea comes to mind, a letter!
How do you decide what to put in it?
What is okay to say, and how much will be too much?
And even though you want him to stay, you know you can't ask him
because family is more important.
The choice has to be his, and his alone.
All you can do is tell him how you feel, and pray,
pray that he feels the same, and that he doesn't forget you.
With technology today, at least it's easier,
but only if the people are willing to work at it.
Are you strong enough to handle this?
How many dollars will you spend, how far?
And if you aren't willing to do all you can,
is he really your true love then?

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