The Unkown

It seems there is nothing but this house at night
One soul surrounded by a dark absence
From the sanctuary of home outside appears to be nondescript
Nothing no sound no color.

It makes you never want to leave for nothing is a horrifying thing.
This night though I pushed the door open
Let my eyes become comfortable in the dark.
Things start to become clearer
There are things out here after
All trees and grass colored gray.

The air weighs on the lungs barely a gas.
I think about running back to the safety of home
Yet still I want to see more of this dark version of the world.

In my hesitation the air it breaks
From the rain that suddenly comes down from the black above
Cold droplets to take away any pain.
It is a rain you must join dance and frolic with
A rain to cheer
The rain that makes pain worth it
If only to feel the rain again.
Outside is so much more then Inside can be
More unpredictable wild less safe
but to never go Outside would be to- devoid life of rain.

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