The Unmoving Path

I feel stuck
In a moment in time when my life just was
The reel keeps ticking away but the scene stays the same
I feel the track I was supposed to ride ended up with someone else riding it
I don't understand what I did to become so bleak
So to speak, or speak what is unspoken
I feel shamed into a life that I didn't want to like
I feel content in the inability to speak my mind
To realize the divine truth that sits on my tongue
I am unhappy with a happiness that I can't achieve
I want to believe that I am alive
But in the end I am undead
I am afraid,
To shed the skin I am comfortable in
To feel the flesh of a life anew
To let the shimmering intellectual take hold
To be bold and unforgiving
And keep on living till the beginning
I just want to be free
Of this chained existance that is solely

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