Name: Kingsley Onah
Nativity: Udenu, Enugu State
Phone: 08101226647

Dramatists' drama, usually unseen
The stage, its first display
And, to seduce and capture large audience
Comedy, the advert, with sonorous voice

Deceived, in mass, we gathered to see
Then, they got their desired roles and jubilation
But, as they began to act the unseen drama
Totally, comedy migrated to tragedy

The unseen drama displays
Adults on duty, falling and rising with wounds
As feeble legs trnsport heavy firewoods to far market
To buy garri and sugar, the sale after

It also displays agonizing kids, stomock protruded
Six feets of the young bloods, grains of mustard seed
Adults' teeth appear longer than their lips
And their bones, even the blind can count

The unseen drama equally displays
Sword toothed roads, always sucking blood
Vehicle kissing vehicle, then disastrous disaster
And like ocean blood of human beings flow

The unseen drama as well displays
Citizenry fidgeting into the forest tonight
As night lords pay house to house visit
Touching people's purse, and flowing blood

The unseen drama also displays
School walls with crevices of giant rats and cockroaches
Holes on zink are like gaps between ridges
Bats on busy race: in and out, to and fro
Teachers and headmasters peddle bicycle to the school
They roar like mad dogs at pupils in the class
Pupils, educated illiterates

The unseen drama equally displays
About ninety thousand street beggers
Skeletal body, and dusty faces
As convoys rotate tires to rain dust
Their begging palms and appealing tones
Ending up entrapping nothing but loud laughters

The last scene of the unseen drama displays
Men in exotic cars, mission always with convoy
It displays pregnant men like nine months old
Sitting kingly in their air conditioned and gilded offices
Glass cup of chilled yogurt on the table for refreshment
And they disappear heavy bags through the back doors
The unseen drama

Arise all the giant pen bearers
Let us manufacture giant swords
And send them out, billions across the land
To broadcast the surplus errors of our land's crocodiles
Drama is best when acted on the stage
Evil is best when acted in the dark
But when light catches the dark
Hearts shall be reshaped as a blacksmith reshapes iron
And if they end us as we toil to change their tragic drama
We shall be buried, but shall never die.

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