The Untamed Daughter

She smiles just like her mother did
Radiant with dreams and ambition
She is wild and untamed, with long tangled hair
Dancing underneath the stars
with her head tilted back, open to the universe
She looks just like her mother did
With eyes of emerald green
Given to her by mother nature
To observe the wisdom of the trees
She stands tall like them,
Strong and unswayed in her conviction
She says she will never change,
But so did her mother.
Her mother who submitted to the rules
Climbing into her cage, forgetting her dreams.
Her only dreams now are nightmares.
She does not dance, She only worries.
She worries that her daughter will not change.
She worries she will not submit.
There is no place for daughters in the wild.
Daughters are meant to be mothers
Mothers who worry
Mothers who do not dream
Mothers who do not dance
So she vowed to live in the wild forever,
She vowed to never become her mother.

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