The Untold World

How could you ever protect me? what will you protect me from? I have wounds and scars that will never heal. I have already witnessed the doings of the world. How stupid can you be, I have already seen. I’ve seen it all down to the lowest point. And you can’t change that. I’m broken I need fixin' not protecting, not your overseein'. And don’t dare threaten me, because that won’t do. Hit me... hit me hard, but just know I am as stubborn as an ox, and this ox is used to the cold and sleepless nights. Use to those whip lashin' eyes, use to the quiet whisper when I pass by. Use to bein' used, I had love, dreams, and laughter. And oh was it beautiful but it was fake. Yes, fake, and somehow it turned into hate, nightmares, and silence. Oh,... that know it. That silence when your mama gets mad, so mad she just stares at you, no words no nothin'. Just guilt drippin' from the depths of your skin. You don’t know what it feels like to not feel a thing, heart empty. Like a huge gapin' hole where your heart was. You can’t breathe, so desperately wantin' air but there is none. But somehow you get used to it not breathin'. I’ve been so close to death so many times I’m not scared anymore. But I ain’t goin' out without a fight not until I find my happiness again. Till I find my love, dreams, and laughter. It doesn’t gotta be like before, I just wanna see it one more time you know

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