The unwatered flower

From the rocky soil its grew
Flourished and new but
Its leaves at a awkward bent
Its stem promising no future
“Must have been the rock” they said
“ what an odd flower … It will not survive”
They stopped/ stared/ then walked away / Without a care.

The flower, mighty and strong
Turned to the sun, for light / For life
But dark empty clouds sew the hope./No light. / No life.
“It won’t survive” they said
“It is too small and weak… The leaves too unfamiliar”
They whispered / mocked/ then rushed away
With buckets of water to themselves.
The flower dry,dry,dry.

The flower, Weak and small, Looked at her surrounding...
No water/ No Life/ All the hope gone.
They laughed / joked /then ignored
A flower with promising future. A flower with strength.
¡O how unique it was! But. ¡O how blind they were!

They failed to water the flower- one of their own.
The flower/proud and strong became weak and dead
Its became the reflection of her surrounding
Its became the word/they said.

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