The Valedictory Speech

Every waking moment, I resume
the incessant affair with my memories.
Untethering the vows to the reality I now live with,
I am fervently pulled into the late's labyrinth.
I am encompassed by the reminiscence of my past,
in my wallowing cell of withering life.
My thoughts bouncing off the walls,
as I await the perpetual nightfall.
The blank walls gape back at me,
with concoction of my yesteryear's glories.
However it is a very thin line between
what I remember and what my imagination has been .
The deafening silence that fills my impaired ears,
muffles the struggling whimpers of my breathing.
But I can still hear my heart beat over the horizon,
a congnizance that even posthuman my desires shall burn on .
I heave my fragile hands up in defeat,
I wave the white flag of severed vigor.
Despite my crumbling corse, my dreams sore in exorbitance,
I surrender to the dissatisfaction of life's existence.
As I drowse in the concluding moments,
my still young and foolish heart runs behind the butterflies,
chases the clouds and saunters hither and up,
like it has got an eternity to grow up.

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