The Veil

Due imaginations stem from perception alone?
Is it possible we embellish on where we think we belong?
What color is grass? Is it really what we call green?
If a deaf man can play music, can a blind man have dreams?
We are a product of our teachers, our understanding is understand it
And for those who don't get it becomes collateral damage
History is a mystery, evidence is irrelevant
Proof is only the truth when the future becomes the present
To these lies be celibate, let your thoughts gather like regiments,
knowledge becomes congress when wisdom becomes the president
Minimizing your belief in your ability is power
In the hands of those who plan to make humanity full of cowards
Afraid to achieve the achievable is reasonable
As long as it spreads across the globe and become regional
Let what's really possible seem like a myth to them
Maybe flying would be real if we believed in it
In order to really move, you got to see where you're going,
so exit the second guessing, and enter the knowing
Concentrate on nothing, but pay attention to this,
you must be real to someone else in order for you to exist
We give life to each other that's why the second death is in hell
Close your eyes and open your mind to what's behind the veil

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