The Veil

Let me see who you really are
Wishing upon a dead star
High in the heaven of laughing pain
Low in the hell of agonizing disdain
I find my face in a mirror of deceit
These nightmares rutted in repeat

Will I ever see who is behind the veil
On a ship that never really set sail
Can I feel the pain it carries
Sense the images that it buries
A malignant soul in bloodlust
That will never learn to trust

If I could just glimpse the heart
Maybe I could finally fall apart
If only for a moment of pure bliss
Behind depressions deceiving kiss
Oh, to pretend I am a real thought
Instead of a lie stretched taut

Is it possible to seek what is found
Hear a word that has no sound
Believe in an idea that doesn't think
Drown a life that can only sink
Hurt a heart that beats only pain
Rationalize what is born insane

In these moments of uncertainty
I forget that I have no reality
Dreams are visions suppressed
Visions are hopes undressed
Hopes are desires in our core
Desires are our realities door

This burden is mine to bare
In reality what is there to share
When your soul doesn't exist
And there is nothing to be missed
I feel out the worst parts of me
And reveal them for everyone to see

Moonlight drips into my eyes
Pouring in to reveal the disguise
Sunlight fades to shadows
Leaving me in my death throes
I peel my skin to relieve the sting
As my heart continues to cling...

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