The Vessel

I get asked a lot, “What will you do when your mother passes”
And with much thought to what I’d say, you’d really need to see things through my glasses
As a mother myself, it’s hard to see how you could just walk away and leave us behind
To go on with your life as though to your children you are mute or blind

When I became a mother the very first time,
There was a bond so great between my child and I
From the first time she was placed into my arms and her tiny hand wrapped around my finger
To the first time she opened her eyes to the sound of my voice, our eyes locked and the gaze did linger.
She stared at me with much curiosity as she knew from that moment; I was her mother

It is the familiar touch, smell and the vibrations of my voice softly speaking to her close to her ear
She knew it was me and her father because from the time she was formed, she could hear
When she would cry in the middle of the night and I reached in her crib to hold her close to my chest
She immediately calmed down and gently fell back to sleep as she knew I had this as mothers know best!

My mind goes back to you as it’s hard to see you as my mother; for me you were just a vessel
Not sure what all your were going through that made you turn your back or what demons you wrestled
You left behind two young children who were confused and scared
Left us to a life we were not yet prepared

When my children call me Mother, it’s a name I take very seriously as it’s something I’ve earn
You can’t expect to pop back into our lives as though nothing had ever happened now we are grown
I’m not saying this to make your feel bad or for you to feel guilty as most people feel sorry for you;
As they makes excuses for you as though you had done a good deed
To leave such young children of ages one and three.

You were the vessel in which carried me and disposed me into this world
We all have grown up and moved on, doesn’t make it better leaving your boy and your girl
I think what gets me the most is to know we weren’t worth a fight
As you went on and left us behind to go live out your life.

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