The gunfire echoes somewhere in the night
And slogans raised as men prepare to fight.
I run to my mother holding her tight
Shutting my ears against the painful cries.

I feel the Earth trembling underneath
As tanks and troops gain their speed.
I feel a shiver in my bare feet
-Wars are wounds of human greed.

I think of my dad, he's still outside
Wish he makes it back like he does it everytime.
I can hear the gunshots and the loading rifles
-Men are waging war, devil is winning the battle.

When will dad be home? When does it all end?
Will I go to school or have they blown it as well?
What's their good reason for killing my friends?
And those that they spare, to the orphanage, they are sent.
Who should I tell how much it terrifies
To see my family shrink in size.

How I wish, I could fly and fly into the sky
I would take them all with me
And leave the land, for them to fight.

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