The View (extravert’s Song)

Pause this, drink that, read this, smoke that.
My environment consumes me
and I coon in it's boundless embrace.
Distracted (devoured?).
Drifting far from introspection
the view of my originality becomes obstructed,
although never out of sight.

But you page, you reel me back in!
With each word I write,
comes a nibble and a bite.
Thrusted from every direction-
and the view from here is nice.

So i'm on a journey, on a trip
that never ends or begins.
I'm searching for something unknown.
Surprising and delightful is each discovery,
reassuring and confirming
the absolution of my consciousness.
Within it's most intricate crevices
exists an infinite number of valleys.

But as I gaze inside the ever-expanding abyss,
I realize that inside cannot exist without outside.
So, I anchor down my core;
like a flower,
using my environment as a means of blooming, thriving.
No matter what, the view is always nice.

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