The Violet Dress

There I was minding my own affairs
When a girl walked in with light brown hair
I'll never forget how she made me feel
The way she walked and rocked those six inch heels
Those honey eyes could level anyone
To my surprise the devil was a woman

When I saw the devil in her violet dress
My captive heart I could not suppress
Her charms and tricks slowly took their toll
I lost my head and sold my soul

She looked my way and gave me a stare
Then she winked and twirled her light brown hair
I tried to leave but it was too late
I fell in her trap when I took the bait
We're all in the game but on different levels
In the same hell with different devils

From across the room we exchanged a glance
She'd look back at me while she would dance
She enticed me with a wicked spell
An eternity of torture in hell
But it's not so bad the curse was blessed
Dancing with the devil in her violet dress

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